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Jain Institute Of Vascular Sciences (JIVAS)

JIVAS today caters to a large number of patients from across India and International Patients seeking treatment of several Vascular disorders and Vascular Surgical Procedures. Significance of previously performed surgeries are now replaced by minimally invasive endovascular &/or Hybrid procedures.
All Vascular Surgical procedures involving arteries and veins in the body, except those around the heart and brain, are performed at JIVAS.

Services Offered

  • Using Autologous Vein or Artificial Graft is the commonest Vascular Surgical Procedure performed at JIVAS. Critical lower ischemia is the most frequent indication for bypass procedures, since without vascular interventions limb and sometimes life loss is imminent. Claudication is a less frequent indication for vascular bypass.
  • Procedures commonly performed for lower limb ischemias :
    • Aorto-Iliac/ Femoral Bypass Graft
    • Femoral Popliteal Bypass.
    • Infra Popliteal (Below Knee) Bypass/Distal Bypass procedures can be performed down to the arteries in the foot.
  • Bypass to upper limb arteries and those in the neck
  • Other procedures include Visceral Arterial/Venous (Rental, Mesenteric, Portal Vein) bypass procedures.
  • Similar procedures in the upper limbs including Cervical and First Rib Resection for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

  • For various peripheral aneurysms including aortic, popliteal, visceral arteries. All aneurysms should be repaired, depending on their size, before they cause symptoms. Aorta, the biggest blood artery in the body supplying pure blood to entire body is the commonest affected.

  • Involves removal of diseased intima of the artery. Carotid artery endarterectomy for prevention of stroke is a common procedure, usually under under local anesthesia; it is very well tolerated with excellent outcome.

  • It is performed mostly for occluded iliac arteries. We perform this with a small groin incision without opening the abdomen. This technique can also be used for superficial femoral artery.

  • For acute ischemia, which need to be done ideally within 6 hours of onset of symptoms, for the best outcome. Commonest is in the legs, lees in the upper limbs and other blood vessels

  • Is frequently performed and increasing due to road traffic accidents and iatrogenic traumas. Knee injury and if correction is delayed beyond 6 hours will invariably result in amputation

  • This is less frequent performed at JIVAS. The patients are younger and procedures yield excellent results

  • Procedures in chronic kidney failure patients who are dialysis dependant; Avf fistula, AV graft, permacath insertion

  • Carotid Body Tumors, Hemangiomas and Vascular Malformations

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