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Department of Surgical Oncology

Dr. A. Raghavan
MS (Onco Surg)
Senior Consultant Surgical Oncology

Senior Consultant Surgical Oncologist, has been associated with Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Hospital since its inception in 1990, initially as a Visiting Consultant (1990 to 2013). Since 2013 he has now confined his clinical work to this institution. This has strengthened and augmented the Oncology service further and under his supervision, we will continue to cater multi-modal cancer care to our patients, based on ethical Oncological principles. Prior to deciding appropriate treatment protocols, precise clinical and pathological diagnosis (anatomical & immunohistochemical), cancer staging (including molecular imaging), molecular genetics & biomarkers are investigated and concluded, as per internationally accepted guidelines.

Dr. Raghavan has over thirty nine years of experience in Oncology (since 1978), after having been trained at Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH), Mumbai. He successfully established the Department of Oncology at a major corporate hospital in Bangalore (1991 to 2000). He was also associated with many other institutions in Bangalore during the past twenty eight years.

He has published articles in peer reviewed journals, conducted symposia, coordinated pilot studies and clinical trials and has taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

His Oncological expertise spans over various sub-sites of cancer dealing with Head & Neck Oncology, Endocrine Oncology, Breast Cancer, Thoracic Oncology, Gastrointestinal Oncology, Genitourinary Oncology, Gynaecological Oncology, Dermato-Oncology and Musculoskeletal Cancers.

Dr. Raghavan is available full-time on all week days, along with a well-qualified team of experts trained at Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH), Mumbai and Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology (KMIO), Bangalore to ensure that a cancer patient gets the benefit of the best guidelines in diagnostics and treatment with good quality of life. The Department of Oncology ensures that all identifiable co-morbid clinical issues in the registered cancer patients are addressed by relevant experts, thereby synchronously optimising existing co-morbid clinical issues.

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