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The Department of Laboratory Medicine in Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Hospital is resting on a strong foundation of quality efficient and reliability of the results. The laboratory uses automated sophisticated advanced equipment using both internal and external quality control programs. It believes in dedicated personalised customer care. The Department is manned by highly qualified and experienced staff with the sole aim of providing quality and accurate results to enables the clinicians to give timely and appropriate treatment to the patient. The Department in organised into Clinical Pathology, Hematology, Biochemistry, Histopathology and Microbiology under the direct supervision of the qualified staff.
The Emergency Department, all Critical care Units as well as all inpatient wards are connected to the laboratory with pneumatic chutes for speedy delivery of the clinical specimens. The Lab is L.I.S and H.I.S compliant and enables the clinicians to access the results in the wards without any delay.

Services Offered

The Department of Clinical Pathology and Hematology uses Fully Automated System Analysers and Cobas U411 to give speedy results to the patients. All the samples are analysed following daily internal quality control program and also involved in periodic external quality control programme. With minimal possible time to obtain and transmit the results to the clinician to start appropriate treatment to the patients. Few Immunological tests and genetic studies are outsourced to labs of international standard in order to get specific and accurate diagnosis.

Department of histopathology handles all the surgical specimens, cytology and bone marrow samples. Surgical oncology reporting done according to latest CAP guidelines exhaustive sectioning, Synoptic reporting, Second opinions, Discussion of case and CPC are also done. Most of the reporting is done in house. In few cases necessary IHC,FISH and genetic studies are outsourced.

The Department of Biochemistry offers all the routine and specialty tests. It strives for excellence in patient care with efficient and accurate test Processes .The department follows efficient quality assurance by way of internal and external quality assurance programmes. It uses Abbott Architect 1000 to process special chemistry assays and 3 Analysers units of Biosystems to perform routine Biochemistry tests. It is manned by qualified trained dedicated staff to give appropriate service to the patient care.

The Department of Microbiology is fully automated with horizontal laminar flow Vitek 2, Bactialert 3D System. This enables speedy culture of the organism and obtain appropriate sensitivity with M.I.C in the minimal possible time. Hence forth the patient receives specific antibiotics without delay and results in reduced hospital stay. All the cultured samples are autoclaved and disposed off to contain the spread of infection. Appropriate control organisms are used to obtain quality results. We participate regularly in external quality controls.
The Microbiologist also is the Infection Control Officer of the Hospital and actively participates in implementation of all the Infection Control Programmes and Practices of the Hospital.

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