Welcome to Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Hospital

Pharmacy Information

  • A well stocked Pharmacy operates at the Hospital on a 24/7 basis.
  • The Pharmacy stocks only well known branded drugs and medical consumables. Though most of the drugs / consumables are sold at MRP, there are certain items sold below MRP since the procurement price is much lower than the MRP and the benefit is passed on to the patients.
  • Private Ward patients can opt for drugs and consumables to be indented by the ward nursing staff after paying a suitable Pharmacy Deposit. Patients from lower category wards have to procure their own medicines from the Pharmacy as directed by the ward nursing staff.
  • Patients and attenders from the ICUs and Casualty are issued colour coded prescriptions. This enables them to get priority attention at the Pharmacy.
  • Anticipated Pharmacy Estimates are never given to patients while giving estimates of hospitalization.
  • Any surplus drugs / injections / syringes etc, at the time of discharge can be returned to the Pharmacy. This applies only to whole, sealed containers or strips.
  • Pharmacy accepts cash or credit cards only.
  • The Pharmacy is under electronic surveillance.
  • Please contact the Pharmacy at : (080) 40875555 Extn. 1528