Welcome to Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Hospital

Utility Services

  • Private Nurses / Attendants : On request and with prior notice, the Nursing Superintendent can arrange for private nurses or attendants, subject to their availability. The Hospital does not accept any responsibility for the actions of such outside staff hired on a daily basis. These individuals are to be paid directly by you at rates, which have been negotiated by the Hospital. Please do not offer them higher charges or use them as domestic help
  • Ambulance : Should you need an ambulance, the reception / admission desk or the telephone operator can help you to make these arrangements.
  • Parking : Parking is on payment and is at the owner’s own risk.
Charges And Billing

Room Charges
  • Room Charges include Bed Charges, Nursing Charges, Linen, and Housekeeping Services. Schedule of such charges are available at the Admission Counter.
  • Room Charges do not include cost of Medical Supplies, Diagnostic Tests, Surgical Procedures, Physiotherapy, Professional Charges of attending doctors, charges for Private Nurses and Diet for the patient. These are payable in addition to the Room Tariff.
  • All charges and deposits are subject change without prior notice, and at the discretion of the Management.

Advance Deposit
  • Advance deposits, as determined by the Management are to be paid at the time of admission.
  • Routine surgical procedures shall not be taken up in case the requisite deposit is not paid. Patients and attenders are requested not to involve themselves in any arguments with the Ward Nursing Staff / Floor Managers / Patient Relations Executives.
  • All deposit receipts should be preserved with care as you may be required to produce these at the time of payment of the final bill.
  • An additional deposit shall be collected in case the patient is being shifted to the ICU or any surgical procedure has been scheduled for the patient.
  • Floor Managers / Patient Relations Executives will keep an updated account of the progressive patient bill and will make a request for payment of additional deposits throughout the course of hospitalization. Please make these payments in time to enable un-interrupted management of the patient.
  • All payments are accepted only by way of cash, credit card or demand draft. Cheque payments, if any are only accepted after due approval of the Finance Director.
Information For Insurance Patients

  • For cashless service, you are requested at the time of admission to show your Mediclaim Card / Pre-Authorization note / Corporate ID Card / Corporate E-Card at the Admission Counter. Insured patients should produce Insurance / Corporate ID Card for the purpose of confirming whether the hospital has a tie up with the relevant TPA. In case this card is not produced, or if the hospital has no tie up with the TPA, the patient is not entitled to cashless facility and will require to pay relevant advance deposit at the time of admission. For processing the insurance documents, please visit the Insurance help Desk on the Ground Floor Lobby of the Old Block.
  • In case of any doubt about your insurance status, you would be required to deposit an advance which would be refunded or adjusted later at the time of final billing.
  • In any case, even if you are denied cashless facility, you are still entitled to reimbursement from the Insurance Company subsequent to clearing the bill at the Hospital.
  • Please be very careful of giving any history of any pre existing clinical conditions such as Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Alcoholism, Smoking, etc. as these cannot be changed at a later date.
  • History once declared and documented becomes final and cannot be changed. Please make sure that past medical history is given accurately.
  • In case of any doubt, you would require to deposit an advance which could be refunded or adjusted later. Kindly do not argue with the Admission Clerk on this account.
  • In any case, even if you are denied cashless facility, you are still entitled to reimbursement from the Insurance Company subsequent to clearing the bill at the Hospital.
  • Even under cashless treatment facility, you may require to pay for items and consumables not permitted by the Insurance Company.
  • In case you select a ward higher than your entitlement, the difference of such charges will have to be paid by you.
  • The Hospital looses a lot of money in discrepancies regarding non clearing of cashless bills from the Insurance Companies. The Hospital authorities will therefore be very critical in seeking information from you and may reject your cashless status. You are requested to co-opearte in this regard.
  • Kindly request your insurance provider to expedite your pre-authorisation claim submitted by the Hospital.
Do’s And Don’t’s

  • Do not keep large amounts of cash, valuable or jewellery on your person or with you in your room. The Hospital does not accept any responsibility for loss of personal cash, valuables, mobile phones or jewellery from the Hospital premises
  • Do not tip or pay Hospital employees for services rendered in the Hospital
  • Do not store food materials in your room, as this attracts pests
  • You are not permitted to keep personal domestic attendants in the Hospital, except private nurses, and only after obtaining prior permission of Dy. Medical Director
  • Children below 12 years are not permitted inside the in-patient areas of the hospital. In case a small child needs to visit his parents who are patients, please contact Dy. Medical Director.
  • You are expected to take care of crockery and cutlery provided by the Hospital. Any loss or breakage will be charged to your account
  • Please keep the doors closed when you are using air-conditioners.
  • Attenders of patients in General Wards are not provided any couch in the ward.

  • Routine Outpatient Registrations are done at the Reception Counter in the Mail Lobby in the New Block. Outpatient Consulting hours are between 8.00am and 8.00pm on all working days.
  • First time registration requires patients to complete a One Time Registration Form, providing all required data accurately.
  • A Patient Registration Card will be issued indicating the Patients’ ID Number and other relevant details. This card requires to be brought at every subsequent visit to facilitate retrieval of the patients’ Outpatient File.
  • An Outpatient File will be made in the patient’s name, indicating the doctor required to be consulted.
  • Outpatient Consulting Charges are displayed at the Reception Counter and are liable to be revised periodically. Payment is to be made at the Registration Counter. All payments are received only in cash or credit card. Credit billing is not permitted.

  • Emergency Admissions are made 24 hours a day, subject to (a) an assessment of the medical emergency by the Emergency Medical Officer and (b) the availability of the bed.
  • Routine Admissions are done at the Admission Counters available in the Old Block as well as the New Block. The Admission Counter in the Old Block functions on a 24/7 hrs basis. The admission Counter in the New Block functions between 8.00am and 8.00pm. However, regular routine admissions are usually done between 6.00am and 8.00pm on all working days and throughout the day on Sundays and holidays.
  • Please contact the Dy. Medical Director for all matters relating to admissions and patient care.
  • You can choose a bed / room category based on your requirements and preference.
  • A schedule of Room / Bed Charges for different categories of beds is available at the Admission Counter.
  • The admission clerk will require the patient to produce an Admission Slip issued by the Consultant or the Emergency Room Medical Officer.
  • Kindly note that Consultant’s Professional Charges, Surgical Procedures Charges, Operation Theatre Charges, Cath Lab Charges, Tariff for all Intensive Care Units and other related charges will be higher for higher categories of wards.
  • Advance payment has to be made in accordance with the Hospital Policy on the subject. No cold “non emergency” admission or surgical procedure will be possible without payment of the required amount of advance. In addition to advance payment at the time of admission, the Floor Manager / Patient Relations Executives will periodically request you for advance payments during the course of your hospitalization. These are based on charges accumulated during the course of your hospitalization These advance deposits need to be paid expidiciously in order to continue un-interrupted care.
  • Under routine circumstances, direct admissions to the Intensive care Units (ICUs) will depend on the intended preference of the category of the ward. General Ward patients will be offered admission to the Old Block ICU while Higher Ward Category will be offered admission to the New Block ICU. Charges for New Block ICU will be charged at Twin Sharing Ward rates during the period of stay in the ICU. On transfer out, in case the patient opts for a Private or Higher ward, all charges from the day of admission will be levied at Private or Higher Ward rates. Under routine circumstances, transfer from the New Block ICU to a General ward is not encouraged. However, on transfer out from the New Block ICU, in case the patient is to be transferred to a General Ward, all charges from the date of admission will be levied at General Ward Rates.
  • A change from a lower bed category to a higher category is permissible subject to the availability of the appropriate bed category. In this case all charges of higher bed category shall be applicable from the date of admission in case any surgical procedure / ICU procedure has been done. However, in case the patient is admitted for a non surgical related ailment, the higher bed category charges shall become applicable from the date of shift to the higher bed category ward.
  • A change from a higher bed category to a lower category ward is not routinely permitted. Under special circumstances this could be considered by the Management, subject to availability of appropriate bed category, and with the consent of the Consultant. Lower rate will be charged from the date of actual transfer. Bills raised for the services provided in the higher bed category ward should be cleared before transfer to the lower bed category ward. Discharge and readmission after surgical procedure / ICU stay from higher to lower bed category is not permitted.
  • When a patient is shifted to any ICU / Labor Room, attenders are permitted to retain their ward accommodation subject to the following:
    • Respective ICU Tariff will be applicable according to the Hospital Rate List, depending on the ward the patient is shifted from.
    • In addition to the ICU Tariff, the patient will be charged Ward Tariff for the ward retained. This will include Bed and Nursing Charges.
    • Retention of the ward as mentioned above will be permitted only on receiving a written request. Written Request Forms are available at the Nursing Stations.
    • The Management’s decision on retention of the ward is final.
    • In inescapable circumstances, a ward which was allowed to be retained by the patient’s attender may require to be vacated, as directed by the Management.
  • The Hospital reserves the right to transfer a patient to a lower bed category if running bills are not paid in time
  • For the purposes of room rent, checkout is on a 24 hour basis
  • For all matters related to Nursing Care please contact the Ward Nursing In-charge / Nursing Superintendant.
  • Foreign Nationals are request to declare their nationality status at the Admission Counter. They will be required to furnish relevant information including Passport and Visa Documents as required by statutory regulations.
Medico Legal Cases

  • All cases declared as Medico Legal Cases, as declared by the Medical Officer at the Emergency Room will be intimated to the local Police Station as per statutory regulations.
  • In the case of a death of a Medico Legal Case while the patient is admitted to the Hospital, the body shall only be handed over to the local Police authorities.
  • Such cases shall be charged Medical Legal charges, as applicable.

  • The Consultant will inform the patient about discharge well in advance.
  • It will take a minimum of 4 hours to prepare the Bill from the time your Consultant has informed you about your discharge.
  • Please make sure that all unused medicines (in full strips and sealed bottles / ampoules only) are returned to the Pharmacy along with the original bill and sales refund obtained.
  • When your bill is ready, you will be informed by the Patients’ Relations Executive to go to the in-patient billing counter to pay your bill. Please collect the Clearance Certificate from the Billing Counter after paying the bill.
  • You will be able to leave the ward on production of the Clearance Certificate to the Ward Nursing Staff / Floor Co-ordinator.
  • Please also collect your Post Discharge Medication Advice and Discharge Summary, from the Nursing Station.
  • At the time of discharge, the nurse will give you a Feedback Form to fill in. The Management sincerely requests you to spare some of your valuable time to fill up this form as accurately as you can. This helps the Management to review its services and make necessary corrections to serve you better. Please ask for this form in case it has not been given to you. In case you feel that due to some serious remarks in the form, the form will not reach the top management, you are welcome to personally hand over this form to the Dy. Medical Director. Please treat this as important. Your honest feedback will help to serve you better.
  • On discharge, all Investigation Reports, X-Ray Films, CT Scan Films, etc will be handed over to you in original.
  • Such investigation reports shall be retained by the hospital in case of Medico Legal Cases and Cashless Insurance patients. You may request photocopies which will be given at the sole discretion of the Hospital Management.