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Ethics Committee On Human Research

  • The Ethics Committee meets whenever required.
  • It examines all Research Proposals, Clinical / Drug Trial Proposals and Dissertation Protocols prior to sanction and conduct.
  • Composition of the Committee
No Name Designation Position
1 Prof H.P. Kincha Scientist Chairman
2 Sri Phoolchand Jain President, BMJH Non Scientific Member
3 Dr (Wg Cdr) M.D. Marker Medical Director, BMJH Secretary
4 Dr Prakash Mehta Consultant OBGYN, BMJH Scientific Member
5 Dr H.J Hrishikeshavan Pharmacologist Scientific Member
6 Dr G.R. Nagbhushan CMO JNCASR, Bangalore Scientific Member
7 Dr Sunanda Kulkarni Consultant OBGYN Scientific Member (Lady)
8 Sri Mahesh Social Scientist Member Social Scientist
9 Sri FR Shingvi Chartered Accountant Non Scientific Member
10 Sri Mohith Kumar High Court (Kar) Advocate Member (Legal)
11 Dr Preethi Adoni Dy. Medical Director BMJH Scientific Member (Lady)
12 Dr Kopparathi Balaiah Pathologist BMJH Scientific Member