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Podiatry Services

In House Services

Diabetic Foot Clinic, perhaps the first such clinic in India, possibly Asia, was started in December 2000 and was aptly renamed Integrated Foot Care Services (InFoCeS) in 2007. It is recognized not only in India, but in many places abroad for pioneering efforts and innovative projects in delivering free, or low cost foot care to patients in rural/semi urban areas. It is recognized also for training a large number of foot care workers across the country and setting high standards for others to follow.

    A Scope Of Services

  • Complete Clinical Evaluation including Master Podiatry Checkup.
  • Neuropathic evaluation with sensitometer and heat cold perception device.
  • Vascular evaluation with Doppler and Physiologic testing if needed.
  • Minor Podiatric surgical procedures such as corns, callus removal, in growing toe nail, chiropody, etc.
  • Preventive and customized foot ware manufactured within our facility, including healing shoes for patients with ulcers.
  • Total contact casting, air cast shoes for problems like Charcot’s Foot.
  • Computerised foot mapping for bio mechanical of the foot at risk.
  • Anodyne Therapy (MIRE) for refractory neuropathy for symptomatic relief.
  • Outpatient wound care facilities. Preventive or Corrective Foot Surgery (Class I, II, III) prior to a complication.