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cGreen Operation Theatre (OT) certification.

Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Hospital’s continuous endeavour to improve Patient Care and Safety now has a new mile stone achieved. Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Hospital (BMJH) has become the first hospital in Karnataka to get a cGreen Operation Theatre (OT) certification.

The cGreen OT certification project is a first in the world certification and also the first ‘Make in India’ certification protocol developed by Bureau Veritas in conjunction with Abbott India and multi hospital stakeholders like clinicians, bio-medical, hospital QA, Green House Gas surveyors, administrators etc.

BMJH was awarded the prestigious cGreen OT certification on 21st March 2016 by Mr B N Chakraborty, Certification Head, Bureau Veritas. It was received by Mr. Phoolchand Jain, honorable president, BMJH, in presence of Dr. M.D. Marker, Medical Director, BMJH, who has been instrumental and the key force behind this achievement.

The other dignitaries present were honourable trustees of BMJH, Mr Suresh Krishnan, Regional Manager, Bureau Veritas, Mr Kaushik Bhattacharya, National Sales Manager, Abbott, Mr Venkatesh , Regional Manager, Abbott, and Mr Arun kumar, Key Account Manager, Abbott and many distinguished and well know surgeons and anaesthesiologists of Bangalore.

The Advantages of c Green OT are:-
  • All patients undergo the standardized protocols of safe anesthesia practices.
  • Prevention of surgical site infections
  • Safe surgical practices
  • Safe surgical equipments
  • Controlling the temperature, humidity, laminar flow and air circulation etc., inside the OT which are directly related to "infection prevention"
  • Ensuring permissible emission limits of carbon dioxide, infra-red rays and radiation in the Operation Theatre.
The established framework for safe peri-operative care in hospitals involves the following sequence of events-
  • preoperative evaluation of patients,
  • surgical intervention
  • appropriate postoperative care

cGreen OT certification ensures the risks involved in the above events are minimized.

Please Note - cGreen OT certification helps patients to identify hospitals who have achieved high safety standards inside the OT area. Informed patient group is expected to choose the cGreen OT certified hospitals for their surgeries.