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Free Consultation for Knee Joint Arthritis Prevention

With an aim to spread awareness, as to how to prevent damaging knee and hip joints and also to bring quality treatment to cross section of the society, the Department of Arthritis and Joint replacement organised a free prevention consultation on 26th January at BMJH premises between 9 am to 2 pm. Its purpose was to endeavour that people lead a pain-free life for Life-long. The department is a first-of-its-kind in Bengaluru that provides one-stop comprehensive care for all Arthritis and Joint problems.

Dr. Sreedhar Singh, an expert in Knee-Hip replacement and Orthopedic surgery, at BMJH stressed that detecting arthritis at an early stage is very important and need of regular periodical check-up and screening are crucial for its prevention. According to him the initial joint pain can be an indication to early symptoms of arthritis (inflammation of joints) like wearing of cartilage, lack of fluid, autoimmunity (your body attacking itself), infection, or a combination of many factors. He pointed that the aching knee joints or a sharp shooting pain from the shoulder to the elbow are usually shrugged off as aging symptoms. He emphasized that awareness among people is important and that joint pain is not a part of the normal aging process and one should not just learn to live with it.

The Free Consultation for Knee Joint to Preventing Arthritis included a complete diagnose package with the following facilities

  • Free Consultation
  • Free Blood Sugar Test
  • Free Bone Mineral Density Test
  • Free Blood Pressure Check
  • BMI
  • X-Ray facility

Patients were asked to bring their most recent Knee joint X-Rays, taken within the last 3 months. The response was significant, as large number of patients came to the hospital for check-up and consultation. The awareness of prevention has significantly impacted people to not neglect joint pain as an ageing process but ensure immediate consultation and take required treatment as advised.