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2nd to 8th
A March for Women

Women play a significant role in maintaining the health and wellbeing of their families in turn benefitting the whole community. BMJH advocated “Healthy Women, Healthy World”, echoing the fact that as custodians of family health, the much neglected care for women needed primary consideration. BMJH believes that as women are considered to be the epitome of care and a powerful support system to a healthy family, it is crucial for her to have good health.

The focus was on resolving a wide spectrum of women-related health problems that women suffer from. As the purpose of the initiative was to encourage more women to come forward for health checkups, BMJH offered screening tests at nominal price from 2nd to 8th March.

The checkups were done by a team of 4 lady consultants - Gynaecologist, General Surgeon, General Medicine, and a Counsellor.

The screening included:
  1. Complete blood count
    • Hb | TC | DC
    • ESR | RBC | PCV
    • MCV | MCH | MCHC
    • Peripheral smear
    • Platelet count
  2. Fasting Sugar
  3. TSH
  4. Creatinine
  5. PAP smear
  6. Blood pressure
  7. Body Mass Index
  8. Breast Examination
There was more to it!

BMJH also offered Add-On Investigation at discounted prices for:

  1. Bilateral mammogram
  2. Dexa scan (one region)
  3. Vitamin D3
  4. Abdominal pelvic scan
  5. ECG
  6. Lipid profile
  7. HbA1c
  8. 2D ECHO

The consultation and screening focused on medical conditions affecting women including Anemia, Gynaecological problems, Hypertension, Diabetes, Thyroid problem, Cervical and Brest Cancer Screening, High Cholesterol, Heart problems, Abdominal problems, Kidney problems, Unexplained bleeding and Surgical problems.

The response to the initiative was magnanimous. The event saw a huge participation throughout the week. We are glad that the initiative was a huge success and that BMJH could do its part in ensuring more HEALTHY WOMEN.

And a Bonus! The registered patients relished a complimentary healthy breakfast organised by the hospital after the consultation.