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    Free from breathing difficulty!

    "I have had breathing difficulties since childhood. By the time I reached 24 years, the difficulty just worsened. I could not even go outside to handle client meetings without feeling out of breath. The doctors at BMJH thoroughly examined me and provided holistic management to my breathing difficulties. Their pulmonary rehabilitation programme provided me with a new lease on life. Thank you greatly BMJH."

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    High-risk pregnancy

    "I had severe pre-eclampsia during my pregnancy. Most doctors and hospitals turned me down and said that survival chances for both my baby and me were very low. JIOM took up the challenge of my case. Because of expert treatment and excellent care, today I am a happy mother of a healthy child. What more could I ask for. Thanks to the doctors and nursing staff at JIOM."

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    Severe ulcer treated.

    "I have type 2 diabetes and developed an ulcer on my heel. I went to a well-known hospital in my vicinity but they were unable to cure the ulcer. My son recommended that I go to Dr. Suresh at JIVAS. He was the one and only doctor able to cure this ulcer. My sincere thanks to Dr. Suresh and Dr.Girija for expertly handling my condition."

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    Made to stand on my feet!my feet!

    "I have had chronic back pain since 5 years. I had undergone a surgery to treat the condition. The surgery reduced the pain but after 6 months the pain was back. 2 years since the pain got so bad that I was unable to even lie down. I was admitted to JISAR. The doctors performed a number of tests and concluded that the previous surgery had failed leading to worsening of the condition. The surgery was a success and their rehabilitation programme has put a spring back in my step. I have been pain free for 16 months now, Thank you JISAR."